Welcome from the #BOSSBABE: Our CEO

Welcome #BSEBABES!

Black Star Extensions is officially born.

My name is Leandra Ansah and I am the CEO of Black Star Extensions (or “BSE” as I like to call it).

While BSE is ultimately an online hair and lash extensions boutique, it is one like you have never experienced before. My vision for this company and your journey with us is so much more than shopping. You may have seen our tagline sprinkled here and there.

Where is it not enough to just look good, but to do good.

This is more than a tagline to me. Its a hope, a prayer and a manta for me and my company. In a world where so much worth is placed on our outward appearance, it is important to me to emphasize that looking good is only half the battle.

It is up to us to ensure that we are looking good (cuz Mama didn’t raise a scrub), feeling good, and, most importantly, and DOING good.

With that being said, I invite you to take this journey with me.

Learn more about my company through our About Us page. If our vibe speaks to you, contact us at info@blackstarextensions.com to learn how you can become a brand ambassador because, I promise you, this is only the beginning.

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