Body Wave 4X4 Lace Closure Wig


*The product photo for this wig shows a Body Wave 4X4 Closure Wig dyed burgundy.

This closure wig includes a standard 4X4 closure. It is best for for first time wig buyers or those who prefer less maintenance than a lace frontal wig. It is possible to obtain a frontal effect with a closure wig but it must be noted that the lace in a closure wig does not extend ear to ear as with a closure. The closure wig only contains lace on the top/middle of the wig in a 4X4 area. BSE closure wigs are Free Part. You are able to part anywhere within the closure and can add baby hair along the lace closure area. This also means you can part the closure wig directly in the middle of the lace closure or you can create a curve or zig zag part within the 4X4 closure area.

Make up is recommended to add on the lace to blend with your skin for the most natural look. Because the closure needs to be plucked like a frontal, it has similar maintenance as lace frontal but usually needs less upkeep. Closure wigs can be easily worn without glue with the aid of an elastic band.

If you decide to add baby hairs to your closure wig, BSE does not recommend using heavy gels or edge control. Mouse is recommended.

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Body Wave Closure Wig

Hair Type: 100% Human Hair
Hair Style: 4X4 Closure Construction
Density: 180%
Hair Grade: 8A
Hair Color: Natural 1B
Coloring: Can lift to a #27

Please note: this is a specialty item that take 5-7 business days to process before shipment.


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