Black Star Extensions

Where it is not enough to just look good, but to do good.

Black Star Extensions, or BSE, is an online hair boutique like you have never experienced. It has been carefully curated to provide luxury hair and lash extensions while being socially conscious.

At BSE, our goal is to provide exemplary customer service and luxury products to people who want to see their money do something meaningful.

Our creed here at BSE is that we are an organization “where it is not enough to just look good, but to do good.” We believe our creed embodies a generosity of spirit and compassion for others currently lacking in the beauty industry.

This journey toward socially conscious beauty is one we’d like to share with you, our customers; because our customers take charge. They know what they want and are unapologetic about getting it. But above all, our customers are people who care and care deeply. And so do we.

That is why at the end of each fiscal year, ten (10%) percent of all our proceeds will be donated to two charities close to our heart: Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope and the Worldwide Fistula Fund.

Ghanaian Mother’s Hope(“GMH”) is a grassroots organization that funds and supports projects to create preschools, playgrounds, and community centers in Ghana, West Affrica. GMH also provides health and education programs designed to ensure that the future leaders of Africa—the children—are able to attend school, lead healthy lives, and while enjoying their childhood.

The Worldwide Fistula Fund(“WFF”) is geared toward women who suffer from childbirth injuries such as obstetric fistula or pelvic organ prolapse. Such injuries can be completely debilitating to women.

One goal of WFF is to prevent and treat obstetric fistula and pelvic organ prolapse. The second goal is to build community awareness and to invest in survivors with educational and vocational skills training to help them earn an income after treatment.

Your purchase can help women and children across the world.

Click Here to Learn More about Ghanaian Mother’s Hope Click Here to Learn More about Worldwide Fistula Fund

Are you ambitious? Do you want to see your money do something meaningful? Are you ready to experience luxury at affordable prices? Let us know if you have what it takes to be a #BSEBabe. Tag us in your photos with our products.

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